Samantha Devereaux or just (Sam) is one of the characters in The Dead is series she is also Daisy best friend and the head of the cheerleading squad.


she is bold and not afraid to speak her mind she is flirty with other guys when Sean does not notice her which makes him jealousy but overall is a good friend to Daisy along with Daisy too her.


Daisy Giordano:Sam's best friend she always making Daisy help her. Overall they are the best of friends always helping each other in sticky situations.

Ryan Mendez: Ryan and Sam were good friends since that's her boyfriend's best friend. Ryan did have a crush on her until he realized he likes his best friend Daisy.

Sean Walsh:Sean is her boyfriend and like Daisy says he is wrapped around her little finger because they are so close pretty much nothing can break them apart.